18 May 2020 - 07:32



"It's no mystery that we all want to complete and win the championship on the field - says Mattia Felici on the ssdpalermo.it microphones - but it is objectively difficult. We might be the only club, among the 166 in the D league, with actual financial and organizational resources to resume the competitive activity, according to strict health protocols, as soon as possible. For this reason, from what I read in the newspapers, it is likely that the conclusion of the tournament, and our consequent promotion, can be set forth this week. We have dominated this championship since day one in Marsala, it’s really been an exciting season. I'm very proud to be wearing the pink-black jersey, an honor that many champions have had in the past. Many people compare me to Ilicic. Needless to admit my gratitude for this comparison, but I very well know that I have to grow a lot to deserve such a compliment. It took Josip himself some years to become the prodigy he is today".

"Week after week, for us under-21, the advice received by the technical and over-21 staff has been precious - the pink-black number 75 continues - but a special mention goes to our team captain Santana. After having played with the strongest players worldwide, today he still has the desire, humility and determination of a peer. With his incredible experience and personality, Santana managed to be fundamental even after the injury. We are a very cohesive group and we proved to be so during the isolation. We always kept in touch with each other thanks to social networks. Now we can see each other at the stadium, although at a reasonable distance, during the optional individual sessions. We’re hoping we’ll be able to rejoice together for the promotion soon. I can't wait to be able to embrace my family and my girlfriend Sara again once the season is over. They are my first fans, the most important people in my life. This global emergency has certainly affected our lives. It is not easy to fight such a lethal invisible enemy. Maintaining a responsible behavior, even when the situation goes back to normal, will be necessary. Last Saturday, I curiously watched Bundesliga and I was struck by the exultation method. Not being able to embrace one's companions after a goal is really strange for those, like me, who are used to exulting even during a friendly match. Unfortunately, today this is essential. Health must be safeguarded.

"If the championship doesn't start up again, my only small regret will be that I didn't reach double figures - Felici concludes - but personal goals always take second place, especially when the main team goal is reached. I'm aware that I haven't reached the top yet, physically nor technically, and I will be able to take further satisfaction from playing soccer through hard work only. In Palermo, I feel great and I would like to continue this experience, but there is still time to think about next season. My future is in the hands of two great clubs as “Rosanero” and Lecce, and I am absolutely unconcerned about this.

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