18 January 2023 - 16:33

January 18th's training report

January 18th's training report

Palermo FC's preparations continued this afternoon at the "Tenente Onorato" in view of Friday evening's match against Bari.

The rosanero carried out activation work and bullock games, a tactical exercise and dead ball situations.

Marco Sala worked regularly with the rest of the group.

Claudio Gomes underwent surgery at the Villa Sofia hospital in Palermo to reduce the fracture of the third and fourth metacarpal of his left hand. The surgery, which was performed by Dr. Massimiliano Mosca and Dr. Lorena Bellia in the presence of the Rosanero Health Manager Dr. Roberto Matracia, was perfectly successful. The French midfielder will undergo a clinical checkup next Monday.

Luca Vido underwent instrumental investigations which highlighted a distraction lesion to the right gluteus maximus. The rosanero number 19 has already started the rehabilitation process of the case.

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