15 December 2022 - 13:29

Lega B press release

Lega B press release

A 360-degree reform that does not only concern the organization of the championships but also the sustainability of the system, through a process that leads towards an increasingly evolved, immersive football, capable of expressing rational and virtuous management, a system that therefore generates greater efficiency, an upgrade in competitiveness and a growth in appeal.

Ideal conditions for the total involvement of fans aimed at the young and very young generations. This is the content of the document shared in the Lega Serie B Council and sent to the Federation in the morning in view of the Federal Council meeting on 19th December. In fact, the Lega Serie B has requested and obtained the inclusion of the discussion on system reforms in the agenda, considering this occasion as the right place for discussion and also evaluating a change of pace to restore competitiveness and sustainability to the whole movement.

Regulation of the championships - Follow up on the reform of the championships presented in the summer of 2021 by FIGC and unanimously approved by the Assembly of the LNPB which reviews the entire football system, both in its professional and non-professional sectors.

Different configuration of system contribution devolutions - Aimed at greater valorisation of young people, also through the establishment of new forms of rewarding.

Different configuration of the weighted weights in the federal bodies - Aimed at reconsidering the representativeness, within the Assembly and the Federal Council, of the two major professional leagues which currently represent together only 17% (12% for A and 5% for B) of the members of those bodies.

Contractual flexibility - To be foreseen in the event of relegation, with the aim of containing costs and the economic sustainability of the championships.


Lega B press release

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