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It will start on January, 2022, but the selection process is already open for the second edition of the short master's degree in "New Media, finance, and sports' innovation", course of studies organized by Palermo Innovation Lab with the sponsorship of Palermo FC, coordinated and created by Francesco Stassi and Emanuela Perinetti, in collaboration with the Department of Business Economic Sciences and Statistics from Palermo University.

The course will last 3 months and is set to create the sports managers of the future. The participants will have the chance to create networks with the sports industry, through testimonies from professionals in the field, and also the teaching of university professors from DSEAS.

A unique program in its genre, intense, and with an international breath, in a context like Palermo, a city rich in traditions and values, also in sports business. There will be 6 macro fields of interest which will be studied in detail: marketing, commerce, communications, finances, economy and law, and management. A project which sees as fundamental the role of Palermo FC, which since the first edition has promoted the birth: Education is crucial for young people, but also for those who are less young and have the possibility to improve. We believe that Palermo FC and Palermo could, and should, aim strong at culture - said the president of the rosanero club, Dario Mirri -. With this course we are setting a virtuous relationship: ours is a newly born business, and Palermo definitely needs young energy, not only at a sports level, but also in business organization. We start from below, but is exactly because of this that we need strong and innovative impulses which have the ability to look into the future".

Lessons at "Renzo Barbera" stadium and other encounters at the SEAS departments of the University: the perfect combination to manage to create important synergy at a professional and social level between all participants, and also the best will have the possibilty to do internships, some of them paid, in the rosanero club and other partner companies of the course.

"After the big success of the first edition, we thought of proposing this course again - stated Angelo Mineo, director of DSEAS -. Among the news for this year we have the biggest number of internships, and in that sense we need to thank the collaboration of Palermo Calcio. Also, we will introduce new topics of current events and innovation in the courses, which are crucial elements to always be updated in the latest news in a world which continuously evolves, just like sports". There will be a special focus on innovation, startup and new technologies, because these topics are becoming more important also in the world of sports.

"We have decided to propose this course again which was highly appreciated by our numerous participants - said coordinators Stasso and Perinetti -. In this second edition we will try to improve even more, and in that sense the presence of Palermo allows us to be supported 360 degrees. The objective is always the same: to manage to give the possibility to young people to face, with knowledge and competences, a field of great interest and development like that of sports".

The Master's degree has a limited number of participants, and permits a maximum of 20. For more information and application, it is possible to write an email to segreteria@masterpalermoinnovationlab.it.


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