Ticket Stands

Ticket Stands

Ticket availability for home matches of Palermo at Renzo Barbera Stadium is linked to the evolution of health restrictions.

In the case of yellow zone, the usual 2500 available seats at Renzo Barbera will be reserved for the people with the current season pass.

In the case of the restrictions loosening, all seats available (as well as the 2500 reserves seats for people with season pass) will be freely sold through the following channels:
- Vivaticket website
- Vivaticket physical stands in the province of Palermo and the entire country
- Vivaticket stand present at SiamoAquile Bar&Store at Renzo Barbera (from Mondays to Saturdays, from 09:30 to 19:30)

According to the current health regulations, the access to the stadium in every sector is always accepted only to people with Green Pass given in one of the following ways:
- During vaccination
- Swab test done 48 before the beginning of the event
- When recovering from the virus in the last 6 months
The use of masks remains mandatory in all phases of the event, during the entrance and inside the facility.

INDICATIONS FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES In order to make the access to Renzo Barbera Stadium easier, Palermo FC has established a booking system for reserved seats to handicapped people, which will consent the access in a safer and easier way. The service is mandatory and includes the possibility for people with diverse disabilities, with limited or no mobility on a wheelchair, having a certificate of disability at 100%, to access home matches for free. If the person with disability is in need of continuous assistance, the access for the adult carer will also be free.

- send an accreditation request, completing the special module and including a copy of the certificate of disability, via e-mail to biglietteria@palermofc.com at least 4 days before the match. The requests sent after the deadline will not be taken into consideration;
- wait for the confirmation of the accreditation which will be sent by PALERMO F.C. in the same way it was received. PALERMO F.C. reserves the right to accept the requests which respect the order of presentation and until the available seats are all sold;
- in the case of not receiving an answer, the request of accreditation is considered rejected;
- be present for the pre-filtering controls, and then go to gate 9 with a copy of the confirmation email and an identity document (also for the carer) until and not later than 30 minutes before the beginning of the match. In compliance with the current health regulations, it will be possible to welcome only 20 people with no mobility disability (on a wheelchair) in the covered stands. In addition to the documentation previously mentioned, it will be mandatory the possession of the Green Pass COVID-19 or any of the aforementioned titles.

It is recommended to arrive at the stadium in advance in order to make the entrance procedure easier.

FOR ALL THE INFORMATION: biglietteria@palermofc.com