We believe in an ethical revolution, dedicated to transparency and participation. Our club will be open to both supporters and City council, through the establishment of a public company so as to control 10% of the company and the appointment of a member of the supervisory board, the establishment of an audit committee composed of three members: one representing the supporters themselves (starting from the subject holding the public company share), one representing the city council who shall be appointed directly by the Mayor of Palermo and another one appointed by the company that owns the Palermo football team. These non-modifiable elements composing the statute of our new Palermo Club can be neither eliminated nor replaced as they cannot be modified in fact and will therefore remain as inheritance forever in the Palermo team. Whoever the owners of the Palermo football team in the future, they will however be subjected to management monitoring and control on behalf of the entire community so that the Palermo football team will always be considered mutual heritage and not mere property of a single individual.


A healthy staff of entrepreneurs which has been rooted in Palermo for over 50 years and has always showed itself and continues to expose itself and not only cultivates the entrepreneurial future of its business but also the roots of an ancient family history which looks to the future. The same attachment to the city, in its innate and identity-like form, is reflected in the football history of Palermo: through this, the history of the Barbera family has blended itself during the decades, up to a natural identification between the two routes, marked forever by values, emotions and still existing passions.


The professional figure of Rinaldo Sagramola, formerly the creator, as CEO during the best 8 years of Palermo’s football history, all top-flight ones, following different qualifications in European competitions and a final in Coppa Italia, stand out in the project. An untarnished and transparent over forty-year experience in football management at high levels and the certainty of being able to scale the categories as quickly as possible so as to lead Palermo back to Italy’s Serie A (League A) within three years.


We want to lay the foundations for the blossoming of an entire Palermo sports system starting from the values that inspire our project, with the best energies of the territory to cultivate and enhance with concrete tools: finally the creation of a new sports center that will be the “factory” of excellences from which the jewels of a renewed mode of youth development will come out; the launch of a concrete internationalization project for the Palermo brand, which shall transform the identification between the city and the football team into a virtuous asset in order to generate value and investments for both, in a propitious moment for the tourist circulation of the territorial brand around the world; a change in the cultural step acting on the self-esteem of an entire community: a change in the cultural pace so as to solicit self-esteem among the entire community: Palermo the “can-do city” (and the can-do well city!) against a harmful trend towards inertia or, even worse, fatalism and defeatism.