Virtual Sports Centre

Imagine you could support “Palermo” not just as far as football is concerned, but also in all sports, in the competitive field. This is the project by “virtual sports centre”: that is a virtuous circuit among Palermo sports clubs that create synergy to best promote the sense of belonging to the same territory by sharing a single brand which has the same colors: pink and black.

The assumption is that “unity is strength”: as a mater of fact, those sports clubs that wish to join, each one according to its own sports discipline, will maintain their own organizational structure, their autonomy and identity. But from now on, they will have the opportunity to share the Palermo brand identity project, benefiting from the greatest attractiveness to football for the general public. In this case, Palermo football team will make its own brand, its own colors, as well as an entire merchandising line, available so that these can be shared among the various clubs which are part of the virtual sports centre.

Those clubs that agree on having “Palermo” displayed before their name and on adopting the Palermo logo and the pink and black colors will share the profits from the sales of Palermo branded products and will therefore represent the city, in their sports discipline of reference, in all national competitions. Therefore, each sport will have “its own Palermo”, immediately recognizable through its name and colors, without excluding the identity it has already acquired so far through the individual member companies. From now on, each sport will have the honour not only to represent an entrepreneurial group, but also the entire territory, the community, exclusively in its own sports discipline.

Below, the disciplines currently represented in the Polisportiva:

Women’s Football - Palermo Calcio Femminile
Five-a-side footbal - Palermo C5
Cricket - Palermo Cricket
American Football - Palermo American Football
Rhythmic Gymnastics - Palermo Ginnastica Ritmica
Handball - Palermo Pallamano
Women’s Rugby - Palermo Rugby Ladies
Chess - Palermo Scacchi
Softair - Palermo Softair
Subbuteo - Palermo Subbuteo
Women’s volleyball - Palermo Mondello Volley