Palermo Team Museum is about to be founded.
Thanks to you.

Become a part of the history of Palermo.
A home for our history, #siamoaquile (we’ve been eagles) for (almost) 120 years

The new Palermo museum is about to be founded. It will be set up inside Barbera Stadium: a journey through the history of the Pink&Black Club, through sweaters, memorabilia, photos, newspaper clippings, audiovisual content, interactive experiences and more. The celebration of Pink&Black as a distinctive feature of the Palermo team around the world.

It is through such initiative that we intend to gather supporters, lovers and collectors: the museum will be embellished with the objects that will be made available by those who have a passion for the Palermo team not just during games, but seven days a week, and who have always loved it.

Here’s what we are looking for:
shirts, vintage photos, pictures featuring organized support, audiovisual content (games and videos, even amateur ones, which tell moments in the history of Palermo); memorabilia (objects, games, subbuteo teams, school diaries, trade, drawings, various Palermo football team gadgets); track suits, shoes, shin guards, captain bands, gloves, scarves, hats, flags, stickers, club scarves from organized supporting clubs; posters, pennants, comics, books, fanzines, magazines, tickets, newspaper clippings and whatsoever testifies the passion for Palermo through the material culture of support and collection over the years. Go back to your attic, open your drawers: you contribute to create the Palermo museum!

Send an e-mail to to share your material and to take part actively in the creation of the museum: please specify the kind of material you have, also by attaching photos. You will have the opportunity to take part in the selection of the memorabilia that will be displayed. You have time until December 31st 2019.
Palermo needs you too!

Project manager and scientific coordinator: Giovanni Tarantino