Palermo Museum

On November 1st, 2020, on the day of the 120th anniversary of the foundation of Palermo, the new Palermo Museum is born, located inside Renzo Barbera stadium: a journey to the rosanero history, through t-shirts, relics, memorabilia, pictures, newspaper articles, audiovisual material, works of art, high tech interactive experiences, and much more.

A historic event made possible thanks to the extraordinary contribution of the fans from all over the world. Through a special call at an international level, Palermo has gathered fans, enthusiasts and collectors. An amazing response from hundreds of people, from South America to Australia, who have given unique relics, of immeasurable value: t-shirts, historic photographs, pictures of the fans, audiovisual material (matches and videos, also amateur, which tell moments of Palermo’s history); memorabilia (objects, games, Subbuteo teams, journals, figurines, drawings, different objects of Palermo); sweatpants, shoes, shin pads, captain armbands, gloves, scarves, hats, flags, stickers, scarves from the fans; posters, pennants, comic books, books, fanzine, magazines, tickets, newspaper articles, and everything that can evidence the passion for Palermo, through material culture of the fans and collecting through years.

A thorough selection of all the proposals, at the hands of the journalist, historian, and scientific coordinator of the museum, Giovanni Tarantino, has allowed to give birth to a themed journey through all the sides of the fans and the history of the rosanero colors, next to interactive installations and experiences, according to the general architectonic project of Mazzarella Studio.
At the Museum there is also a special area dedicated to the rosanero Hall of Fame: a selection of the 11 players + coach declared most representative for the Palermo history through an open poll to all the fans, with more than 6000 votes registered in the summer of 2020.

The visits to the museum, also with guided tours, will be momentarily available only through booking, due to the restrictive measures for the containment of Covid-19. For more information, or booking a visit, please write to

A home for our history,
#siamoaquile for 120 years