18 July 2023 - 18:35

18th July training report

18th July training report

Today in Ronzone Palermo FC carried out a double training session.

In the morning, the rosanero underwent activation and circuit training in the gym, while in the afternoon, activation and mobility and a match on a reduced pitch.

Differentiated work between the gym and therapies for Alessio Buttaro: the footballer, due to a post-traumatic knee pain, underwent instrumental investigations that excluded osteo-articular injuries and continues the rehabilitation process to reduce the painful symptoms.

Sebastiano Desplanches, who resumed work on the pitch today after the Under 20 World Cup and the summer break, has begun a personalized path of athletic reconditioning and specific technical work, which will also continue on the days when the team will rest at the end of the first part of preparation in Trentino Alto Adige. The goalkeeper will start working with the rest of the team at the start of the training camp in Pinzolo.

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