5 September 2022 - 10:38

2022-2023 season tickets: 11,465 badges issued

2022-2023 season tickets: 11,465 badges issued

The 2022-2023 season ticket campaign of Palermo FC ended yesterday: 11,465 seasonal titles issued by the pinkblack club, a quota that allows Palermo to place itself immediately after Genoa, the club with the most subscribers in Serie B, and one step away from the top 10 of Serie A.

The goal of over 10 thousand subscribers reached in Serie D in 2019 and set by president Dario Mirri at the opening of sales has been greatly exceeded: "Finding ourselves among the teams with the most subscribers in Italian football is yet another confirmation that Palermo FC and the city of Palermo play a role as real protagonists on the national scene and beyond. The pinkblack fans are and will always remain an invaluable asset, fundamental for the club, always in the stands of our stadium during matches but also in everyday life: whoever is a fan is always a fan, and will always be more involved and decisive for the future of Palermo FC”, said president Mirri.

As proof of the attachment to the club by the pinkblack fans, there is also the data of the subscriptions of the "SIAMOAQUILE CARD", the fidelity card of Palermo, which has reached over 1700 members in a few weeks. A new and additional tool to participate in the life of the club, at home and away, and feel part of a single family, organizing initiatives to support the team and sharing projects for the development of the culture of pinkblack supporters.

Among the subscribers, about 200 are those who have benefited from the agreement with the University of Palermo, i.e. students, teachers and UniPa staff who have purchased their seasonal card at a reduced rate. Such collaboration between Palermo FC and UniPa will continue a constant planning of value for the benefit of the territory, cultural development and the youngest generations.

All 2022-2023 season ticket holders will receive a special Palermo FC cap in pink or black of their choice, dedicated to the current season and reserved exclusively for season ticket holders, not available for sale. Delivery will start in the second half of September, with detailed procedures that will be duly communicated shortly.

The delivery of the last cards will continue following the procedures currently in place at the ground floor - north tower of the Renzo Barbera stadium: until Thursday 8th, September from 10.00 to 18.00; Friday 9th, September from 10.00 to 13.00. Furthermore, starting from 9th, September and until the end of the championship, it will be possible to collect the cards on match days, in the two hours prior to the start of the match, at the AMAT accreditation box in via Cassarà (opposite the CTO hospital entrance).

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