4 April 2023 - 18:13

April 4th training report

April 4th training report

Palermo FC's preparations resumed this afternoon in Boccadifalco in view of next Monday's home match against Cosenza.

The rosanero had an activation and mobility session, a technical circuit, aerobic work and a themed match.

Davide Bettella, Ivan Marconi, Ionut Nedelcearu, Marco Sala and Valerio Verre worked with the rest of the team.

Simon Graves underwent instrumental investigations, which excluded muscle injuries but highlighted a muscle overload in the long adductor of the left thigh: the footballer continued his physiotherapy.

Differentiated work scheduled for Jeremie Broh and Francesco Di Mariano.

Absent, due to a flu syndrome with fever, Alessio Buttaro and Edoardo Lancini.

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