16 August 2023 - 12:30

Bari VS Palermo FC: away sector info

Bari VS Palermo FC: away sector info

Tickets for the match between Bari and Palermo FC, scheduled for Friday 18th August at 20.30 at the San Nicola stadium in Bari, will be on sale on the Ticketone circuit starting at 13:00 on Wednesday 16th August and until 19.00 on Thursday August 17th, online at https://sport.ticketone.it/event/it/49734/90600732/bari-vs-palermo-serie-bkt and in Ticketone sales points.

Palermo supporters residing in the province of Palermo will be able to purchase tickets exclusively in the away sector, only if in possession of our membership card, the SiamoAquile fidelity card.
Palermo supporters not residing in the province of Palermo will be able to purchase tickets for the away sector only if they have the SiamoAquile fidelity card.

The single price of the ticket for the away sector is €18.00 + €1.00 pre-sale fee.

Before purchasing, it will be necessary to connect to https://sport.ticketone.it/search, click on the menu at the top right and then on "AUTORIZZAZIONE CARTA (CARD AUTHORIZATION)", enter the mandatory fields including the 12-digit loyalty card number.

After the "Card Authorization" procedure, before completing the online ticket purchase, you will be asked for the "Security Code (Listicket)" in addition to the fidelity card number. This code is a 6-digit code which equals the day, month and year (ddmmyy) of the buyer's birth.

Example: the buyer born on the 15th of March, 1976 will have to digit the following security code: 150376.

The authorization is instantaneous and once completed, the ticket for the guest sector can be purchased on the ticketone website.

All supporters who reach the San Nicola stadium by land transport must stop at the Acquaviva delle Fonti service area (30 km before Bari) for a first pre-filtering procedure.

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