17 December 2022 - 12:45

Fattore Campo: Palermo can win a new sports area in Borgo Nuovo thanks to BKT

Fattore Campo: Palermo can win a new sports area in Borgo Nuovo thanks to BKT

A basketball court, a bocce court and children's playgrounds instead of weeds and waste in Borgo Nuovo: this is the project for Palermo by Fattore Campo, the social initiative organized by BKT, name sponsor of the Serie B League.

For each city, and therefore for each team in the BKT Series, a project for the redevelopment/renewal/adaptation of playing spaces has been identified. BKT will carry out those who, at the end of the regular season, will be in the first two places of the Fattore Campo "ranking".

Whether the project for Palermo will be financed by BKT depends only on the Rosanero fans: Participation in this parallel championship is open to all and goes through the BKT prize competition, given that during the registration phase you choose your favorite team and therefore the associated redevelopment project. From that moment on, all the points collected through one's bets will go to this project.

Currently Palermo is in first place. If the plays of the Rosanero fans continue with this trend, Piazzale Fausto Pirandello in Borgo Nuovo will become a beautiful area open to all, under the sign of sport and sharing.

The area, an important meeting point for the residents of the neighborhood, needs numerous safety interventions, first of all a complete cleaning and weeding of the area. In fact, along the entire perimeter, the uncultivated vegetation is the host, preventing access and sports activities in safety.

The intervention in Piazzale Fausto Pirandello will include the renovation of the pavement. The area will then be modernized with the installation of basketball hoops and all that is necessary for the construction of a bowling green. Finally, to make Piazzale Fausto Pirandello a suitable place for adults and children, it will be set up with benches and playground equipment dedicated to children such as swings and slides.

In the event of victory in the special Fattore Campo championship, Piazzale Fausto Pirandello will become an important meeting place for the neighborhood with a completely new basketball and bocce court. Thanks to the installation of benches and games for children, it will allow all residents to access them to spend their free time.

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