1 November 2020 - 14:24



The president of Lega Pro Francesco Ghilleri wanted to celebrate the 120th birthday of Palermo with a note:

Dear President,

Football is intertwined like a thread in life. It's emotion, like the t-shirt which makes the heart beat. It's the t-shirt worn by the players through time, and are the colors which unite, and have united, generations of Palermo fans. The t-shirt is a sense of belonging, identity, and pride.

Happy birthday to Palermo FC for its first 120 years! More than a century of feats which are part of the big book of football history.

The virus doesn't stop the passion. It cannot stop it. I am sorry I cannot be with you in these special days which are part of the history of your club.

I am close to you, also for the difficult moments you have lived.

Congratulations also for the Museum, a place where traditions and memories dwell, which are transmitted to young people because history is life's 'teacher'. 

The heart of Palermo FC lives in a prestigious square like yours, in the passion of the fans, in those who work every day to reach new goals, and in those who go into the field with that t-shirt, which talks about history and future.

Ad maiora!

Francesco Ghilleri, President of Lega Pro

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