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The presentation of all the Sponsors and of the Kombat ™ Match Kits for the 2022-2023 season took place this evening at Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri, the institutional headquarters of the University of Palermo. The kits were created in collaboration with the agency Gomez & Mortisia from Palermo, the designer Luca D'Agostino, the Kappa R&D center and with the special participation of TvBoy, one of the most famous street artists in the world, who was inspired by the Patroness of Palermo, Santa Rosalia.

Thanks to the collaboration of the scientific coordinator of the Palermo Museum Giovanni Tarantino, the path started in 2019 continues, which combines elements of the club's more than one-hundred-year history and choices devoted to innovative design. After last year's two-tone, full pink returns for 22/23 with black references. The main uniform model for the 2022-23 season features a wide collar held together by laces that recall vintage aesthetics - in particular models used in the late 1950s, when the Favorita got  blown away by the supporters at every goal scored by Ghito Vernazza. By contrast, the historical component of the collar meets the modern one of the texture of the jersey: a "glitch" effect that breaks down and mixes different shades of pink, with a nod to digital technology. Once again, this jersey is therefore a bridge between past and future.

The second jersey is a tribute to the presidency of Renzo Barbera and in particular to the 1973-74 Palermo team which from Serie B, with a memorable ride, reached the final of the Italian Cup then lost on penalties against Bologna. In that season, Palermo wore the so-called braced jersey: pink with two black straps on the left side and two on the right side. This time, same model but in inverted colors: black with two pink straps on the right and two black ones on the left. A reference, moreover, to the goalkeeper's shirt, dressed among others by Angelo Bellavia, and by Giuseppe Governale, brigadier general of the Carabinieri, former goalkeeper of the rosanero youth, who donated his shirt to the Palermo Museum.

The third jersey is an absolute novelty, created thanks to the design created ad hoc by the Italian artist TvBoy, one of the most famous street artists in the world, who was inspired by the Patroness of Palermo, Santa Rosalia. The skull and roses, emblems of the religious figure, are inserted in a context of ornamental motifs in the Baroque style, a real cult in the Sicilian capital and classic iconographic elements of the figure of the Saint.

A uniform totally inspired by the soul of both Palermo and the Palermitans, to further increase the team's already strong bond with the territory and to increase the sense of belonging of a squad with great ambitions. For the occasion, the artist also created a mural with his famous ROSALIA in the tunnel of the Renzo Barbera stadium.

The jerseys were presented with a special photo shoot, signed by the photographer Tullio Puglia, which portrays the Palermo players in front of the Barbera graffiti, recalling the atmospheres of street culture and the world of hip hop through a special light design.

The 2022-2023 sponsors stand out on the new Kombat ™ Match Kits, thanks to the partnership with INFRONT Italy for the exclusive management of all the marketing rights of the Pinkblack team, both for the national territory and for the international one. A novelty for the season is the introduction of three training sponsors in the Kappa technical material of the First Team.


Decò/F.lli Arena - MAIN SPONSOR

Colorificio Di Maria/Bisaten - SECOND SPONSOR



Nuova Sicilauto - SHORT SPONSOR





The Arena Group is the most dynamic and structured large-scale distribution company in Sicily, ranking first in the panorama of supermarkets preferred by Sicilians.

The Group, founded in Valguarnera Caropepe (EN) in 1976 by the brothers Gioacchino and Cristofero Arena, today with a network of over 190 Decò and SuperConveniente stores and over 2500 collaborators, is the absolute leader in the Sicilian territory.

A Group with a history over 40 years long, which has led the Sicilian company to become the reference point for Sicilians' shopping.

Bisaten is a brand of Colorificio Giuseppe Di Maria S.p.A. which has been producing paints and varnishes for professional construction as well as products for finishing, sanitizing and personalizing environments since 1925. There are over 2,000 retailers throughout Italy that Colorificio Di Maria today counts among its customers. The Colorificio Di Maria is today a point of reference throughout Italy in the field of paints and varnishes for building. The company, created in Palermo by Francesco Di Maria, became a joint stock company in 1969. With the third Di Maria generation, the GDM brand spread throughout Italy. The goal is now to consolidate the Italian market and strengthen relationships with foreign customers through the offer of professional and high quality products.

A29 is an Energy Service Company whose mission is the design and construction - both in the residential and industrial sectors - of solutions aimed at energy efficiency. The areas of intervention include renewable source systems, air conditioning and air treatment, cogeneration, thermal insulation of buildings, building automation systems and much more. Thanks to a young and dynamic management and a highly qualified technical staff, A29 guarantees high standards of design and management of orders, proposing itself to end customers as a General Contractor fully managing the entire supply chain linked to the implementation of the planned interventions.

L.T. Costruzioni is a young and constantly expanding construction company, born in 2016 from the experience acquired by surveyor Michele Lo Valvo. It offers its customers innovative and customized solutions for the construction of new buildings and the renovation of private homes and commercial premises: in particular, it carries out safety interventions for load-bearing structures, installation of flooring and cladding, both for indoor and outdoor, waterproofing insulating coats for building roofs, general and environmental building works, maintenance and adaptation of systems for energy efficiency.

Nuova Sicilauto is the FCA dealership for Palermo and Trapani for all the brands of the Fiat group, Lancia, Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Jeep, the only one to present the new structural standards envisaged by FCA, built according to very innovative dictates, a real point of commercial and customer service reference that today covers all the nerve centers of western Sicily from Trapani to Palermo, passing through Carini and reaching Termini Imerese. Nuova Sicilauto in numbers: 53 collaborators, 3 showrooms, 3 assistance offices, over 5,000 cars sold per year and the group's first dealer in Sicily in terms of both turnover and numbers. A force for the territory for 30 years, a guarantee of quality for the customer.

DL MARMI S.R.L. was born in 2015 from the idea of the brothers Mauro, Giuseppe and Alessandro Di Liberto, who carry on the family project, which has been running for over 30 years. From the processing of the marble par excellence, the white of Carrara, to the distribution of slabs and blocks in travertine, stone and granite, DL MARMI is a point of reference in southern Italy and Malta, as well as in a vast territorial network that is also expanding abroad.

Passion, technical expertise and product quality have allowed DL MARMI to maintain high standards and improve the services offered.

SIAG Caffè, a company owned by Roberto Gilberti, is based in Naples and is run by Neapolitans, who have always been experts in the production of coffee. It imports directly from the finest crops of raw coffee, to then bake and allocate it to the various packaging, aiming to highlight the pleasure that its taste can bring while enclosing the past, present and future in a cup.

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