14 May 2020 - 06:53



"We have proven that we deserve the promotion - says Christian Langella on the ssdpalermo.it microphones - there will be hope of winning it on the field until the end. But if this is not possible, no one could question our leadership. It would be my second consecutive promotion after last year’s in Bari. It is undeniable that these last two seasons have been fundamental for my professional and personal growth. After the last Christmas break, my restart was positive. I felt the the coach’s trust and, finding more space, my performance improved. I'm also satisfied with the three goals scored. I think the most important was the one scored against Marsala which, besides being the first goal of the season, helped the team bring home the victory. I would very much like to continue my adventure in Palermo but, being on loan, it will obviously be a choice that will depend on many variables. However, it's still early to think about it because the season is not over yet".

"The time I spent in solitary confinement was a bit hard – the pink-black number 33 continues - I trained hard every day and this helped me let off steam. Among my teammates, I'm one of the most active on social media, I like to post photos and stories. Thanks to the video calls, I've always kept in touch with the rest of the team and my family, which I haven't seen since Christmas and I hope to be able to embrace them again soon. The optional individual sessions at the Barbera, organized by the club, represent an important step forward after we stopped training in mid-March. I think it will be a different kind of soccer once we start playing again. It's likely that the stadiums will, at least initially, be closed to the public making us feel like children again, when there were only about 20 parents on the breaches at the games. All this cannot please those who live on emotions, but health must be put first".

"I read the news on the death of Andrea Rinaldi - Langella concludes - even if I didn't know him, I have no words to express my sorrow for the death of a peer. I want to express my condolences to his family who is feeling the greatest pain today".

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