19 January 2023 - 11:25



The awareness campaign against violence on women that Lega Serie B carries out on the pitches thanks to the twenty clubs and together with the Department of Public Safety - Central Criminal Police Directorate and the Forensic Congress Body continues.

An ever-present commitment also in the light of the reports of the Ministry of the Interior which tell of a phenomenon with still too high numbers and of the recent cases of feminicide which have appeared in the national news.

For this reason, during the 21st match day of Serie BKT, scheduled for next weekend, Lega B organized a series of initiatives, as Lega B president Mauro Balata explains, 'not to lower the guard and through the extraordinary communication vehicle that is football send messages to the public opinion so that this heinous crime, which represents a violation of human rights, is definitively eradicated from our society. I thank the Forensic Congressional Body and the Public Security Department of the Central Criminal Police Department, always at the forefront of countering the phenomenon with professionalism, for their attention in supporting our initiatives.

Red ribbon and led

During the pre-match ceremonial of the 21st match day the players of the two teams will wear a red ribbon on their wrists while the words No to violence against women will appear on the sideline LEDs with the hashtag #BASTA which resumes the campaign launched on the 14th match day, when on the occasion of the international day of November 25th the match was played with a special red ball followed by various support initiatives.

The statements of the prefect Rizzi - For the Prefect Vittorio Rizzi, Deputy Director General of Public Security - Central Director of the Criminal Police "Gender-based violence is a complex phenomenon that has ancient roots and which requires in-depth and constant joint analysis to be contrasted. I thank the Lega Serie B because today the teams most loved by sportsmen and women can convey a message of fundamental importance together with us, the Police Forces, to promote effective gender equality".

The declarations of the forensic congressional body - 'Gender-based violence is a crime that spares no one and which persists at every latitude and in every cultural context. Recently it has also dramatically affected a young lawyer, good and committed to social work who will no longer be able to make her dreams come true.

We will carry on her ideas and her battles, with even more determination, honoring her memory. We thank Lega Serie B and its president, Mauro Balata, for the attention and sensitivity shown.'

The data at the beginning of 2023 - at the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police, the Criminal Analysis Service, an office with an inter-force connotation, among other things carries out, also through the extrapolation of statistical data, the analysis of all the criminal episodes that cases related to gender-based violence. In relation to the period 1 - 15 January 2023, 12 homicides were recorded, with 5 female victims, all killed in the family/affective sphere; of these, 4 met their death at the hands of their partner/ex partner. "Unfortunately disturbing data - concludes Balata - which give a dimension of the problem and the need to continue with the utmost commitment to promote prevention and contrast actions".


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