7 February 2023 - 12:35

Lega B press release

Lega B press release

After the success of the last edition, the virtual race for couples is back for a supportive Valentine's Day. It's called #RunforMeyer #RunforLove and it's the sporting event promoted by the Meyer Foundation on the day dedicated to lovers, to which Lega Serie B reiterates its commitment to concretely promote and support the initiative again this year.


A collaboration, the one with the Foundation of the pediatric hospital of Florence, which has been going on for several years and has produced numerous results and great satisfaction on the part of the B family, as reiterated by the president of Lega B Mauro Balata: "We firmly believe in the responsibility of a football that is ethical but also close and attentive to the needs of the people. In this sense, a special place is held by children who suffer together with those structures that work to treat them with their families. These initiatives will always find a welcoming and supportive bank in Lega B".


Activities on the pitches - To support the #RunForLove, a series of actions have been prepared by the League for the 24th matchday of Serie BKT (scheduled for 10th, 11th and 12th February) with social activities #runformeyer, press releases and activation of pitchside LEDs together with a speaker message in all stadiums.


How to participate - Participating is very simple: just run (or even walk) 9 kilometers in two. There are no time or timing limits: as long as the runners who make up the couple travel 4.5 kilometers each, that'll do. Team members can run together or separately, the only rule to respect is to complete the scheduled mileage on one of the days of Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th, Monday 13th or Tuesday 14th February. The initiative is obviously not open only to engaged couples and spouses, but also to all those who love each other, in any form: best friends, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, brothers and sisters. A formula that has met with great success: over 2300 people took part in the 2022 edition.


How to register - Registration is open until 8pm on Tuesday 14th February: a donation of at least 9 euros per person (18 euros per couple) is required. With a donation of 5 euros, you can receive the new #RUNFORMEYER 2023 technical shirt directly at home - by courier - thanks to the Guess Foundation. Info and registration www.runformeyer.it


How to participate in the award ceremony - To access the official results and thus demonstrate that you are two true Runformeyers, it is necessary and sufficient to measure the time of each runner with any device (Garmin, Adidas run, Strava, etc.), take screenshots or photos of each device and upload the images on the runformeyer.it website. The link for uploading the images will be sent to you on Friday 10th February to the email you indicated when registering.


Ranking and awards - As in every race, the #RUNFORMEYER #RUNFORLOVE will also have a general ranking with relative awards.

The team's walking time will be the sum of the time taken by the two runners to cover the distance of 4.5 kilometers each. To participate in the ranking it will be necessary to send - by midnight on February 14th - the screenshot or photo of the distance and the time taken: participants will receive the link by email the day before departure. The official results will be published on the website www.runformeyer.it on Wednesday 15th February. No worries about the performance: in addition to the category of "fastest runners", there is also that of companies, sports clubs or groups of friends with multiple teams registered. Special mentions also for companies, groups of friends and sports clubs with multiple registered teams! There will also be special mentions for the funniest and most original couples: send us your photos and videos by midnight on February 14th, an email to info@runformeyer.it or a whatsapp on 3371518359.


Play Therapy Project - As always, #RunforMeyer #RunforLove will help support Play Therapy, a special cure that seeks to give back children and their families some serenity even during hospitalization. The project brings games, reading, music, the joy of clowns and four-legged friends to Meyer. But there are many projects that help children stay that way even during illness.

In Pet therapy, the protagonists are very sweet and professional dogs who, together with their handlers, bring joy and happiness to the small children hospitalized throughout the hospital.

Clowns bring smiles and laughter to the wards and the emergency room: the jokes and witticisms of these entertainment professionals are the best medicine to drive away boredom and fear. The techniques and repertoire of these professionals take into account the place in which they operate, the circumstances, the conditions of the children, also involving parents, visitors and hospital operators in their game, whom they sometimes support during painful and complicated procedures. Among the places most loved by children, there is undoubtedly the Ludobiblio, a welcoming and colorful space, open to all children, both hospitalized and passing through for visits or checkups. In this room full of light and workshops you can play, borrow games, receive visits from siblings and friends, attend shows, participate in parties and creative workshops.

Meyermusica proposes music in an original and creative way in every department and in the collective places of the hospital, involving children, parents, operators and visitors, creating a captivating sound environment and acting positively on states of tension and stress.


Lega B press release

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