16 February 2023 - 13:24

Lega B Press Release

Lega B Press Release

Collaborate to scale up efforts. One week after the strong earthquake that devastated Syria and Turkey with thousands of victims and extensive damage to homes, buildings and infrastructures, the solidarity campaign continues in support of all populations affected by one of the most serious environmental disasters ever recorded.


After joining the UNICEF fundraising campaign, Lega Serie B continues in this direction, inviting everyone to offer their contribution on the website www.unicef.it/terremoto.


To give a further impetus to the solidarity machine set in motion, on the occasion of the 25th match day of the championship, Lega B has organized numerous awareness-raising activities in the stadiums of the BKT Series, such as LEDs on the sidelines, graphics and television appeals, speaker messages and audio spots, video appeals on social networks with dedicated hashtags and advertising pages in the main sports newspapers.


In this way, hope can be restored to the over 7 million affected children in the Turkish and Syrian provinces who need relief and adequate living conditions: in this sense, fundraising is necessary to bring drinking water and food and to set up shelters for families left homeless. Furthermore, to ensure appropriate hygienic-sanitary conditions and counteract climatic adversities (frost, snow and rain), the proceeds will also be used to send blankets and medicines that can guarantee sustenance for the survivors.


Lega B Press Release

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