10 February 2023 - 11:00

Lega B supports UNICEF Italia fundraising

Lega B supports UNICEF Italia fundraising

Lega Serie B joins the fundraiser opened by UNICEF Italia for the earthquake emergency in Syria and Turkey, to help save as many lives as possible, among them many children whose conditions are made even more difficult by the intense cold. It will do so with a series of activities related to stadiums and communication channels, inviting everyone to give their contribution on www.unicef.it/terremoto

In particular, the fundraising will be used to provide first aid through drinking water, blankets and food to children and families affected by the earthquake.

In the aftermath of the disaster, UNICEF worked quickly to assess the extent of the disaster and the needs of the children and families who lost everything. Additional funds are needed to allow for the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid and to respond to this emergency.

Mauro Balata, president of Lega B states that what happened "cannot leave us indifferent, and we must all do our part to help try to alleviate the plight of millions of people. As soon as this huge tragedy happened, we contacted UNICEF from which, as always, we had a prompt response, finding in them an institution that was already operational and well aware of the energies and actions to be implemented".

“On behalf of UNICEF Italia, I sincerely thank Lega B and its President Mauro Balata for immediately taking action in favor of the populations affected by this devastating earthquake. This is the most powerful earthquake to hit the region in about 100 years. Thousands of homes have been destroyed, families are displaced and exposed to the elements. Thousands of children are in danger and need our help." – said Carmela Pace, President of UNICEF Italy.

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