13 March 2023 - 16:47

 March 13th training report

March 13th training report

Afternoon training for Palermo FC coached by Eugenio Corini.

In Boccadifalco the team worked divided into two groups: one group carried out activation and mobility work, intermittent work and a technical circuit; the other group carried out activation and mobility work, circuit training in the gym and changes of direction with shots on goal.


Today, four players underwent instrumental investigations, which highlighted:

- Bettella: first degree muscle strain at the insertion of the left femoral biceps tendon;

- Brunori: first degree muscle strain to the semitendinosus of the right thigh;

- Orihuela: overload irritation on a previous scar on the adductor of the right thigh;

- Sala: post-contusive hematoma from direct trauma on the vastus exterior of the left thigh.

The four players continued the physiotherapy course.


Instead, differentiated work was planned for Jeremie Broh and Francesco Di Mariano.

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