18 November 2021 - 11:30



A match-show with Nek, Ficarra e Picone, Corini, Sorrentino, and many others.

A show on the field of Barbera which anticipates in one day the derby Catania-Palermo, linking football and show in order to help people who were hit by the storm in Catania, focusing specifically on the Fishing industry, symbol of the city, highly damaged during the last flood: it’s the Heart’s Pre-Derby, a Solidarity Show, never seen before, created by Ismaele La Vardera and the artist Roy Paci, in collaboration with the rosanero and rossazzurro teams, to raise funds for the zones which were hit the most by the weather emergency.

Sicilian artists and athletes, and from all over Italy, will gather at Renzo Barbera Stadium in Palermo for a match which already has a winner: Sicily. A match, but also a fully fledged show, with live performances, special interviews, and hilarious interventions straight from the field. Along Roy Paci and Ismaele La Vardera, there are many famous sicilian artists who accepted the project, which will begin with a live performance by Nek. Other famous artists are doing everything they can to join the show.

Among the protagonists, Ficarra e Picone, Roberto Lipari and Sergio Friscia, Stefania Petyx, SasàSalvaggio, Lello Analfino, i Sansoni, Corrado Fortuna, Matranga and Minafò and the 4 tastes of Sicilia Cabaret, Toti e Totino, Totó Schillaci, Mario Incudine, Luigi Mastroianni, Stefano Piazza, Massimo Minutella, Gli Shakalab, and also two special “coaches” like Tony Sperandeo for the team of Palermo, and Salvo La Rosa for Catania.  Catania. Artists who have accepted the invitation with great generosity, giving their availability for free.

Next to them, there will also be some of the most unforgettable stars of Palermo and Catania: among the confirmed we have Eugenio Corini, Stefano Sorrentino, Cristian Zaccardo, Andrea Barzagli, Simone Barone, Christian Terlizzi, Marco Biagianti, Davide Baiocco, Peppe Mascara, Nicola Le Grottaglie, and many others, ready to make the fans dream one more time. The guest list is still being updated, and more beloved names will join the project.

The gesture of solidarity told by Ismaele during a service of Le Iene brought some rosanero players to the eastern capital to give a helping hand to the people in need in the most critical days during the flood. Thus, this event is created, which unites the two cities, Palermo and Catania, historic rivals on the field but united and close with a message of support and sympathy.

Tickets will be available in the afternoon of Monday, November 22nd on Vivaticket.com: all the money raised will be donated for the rebuilding and restyling of the historic fish market, highly damaged during the flood. The donation will be given in a symbolic way the following day in Catania, during the Serie C match between Catania and Palermo.

The live event will be broadcasted on TRM in the region and through social media. A special thanks to Colorifico Di Maria – Bisaten which has fully joined the initiative, being the main sponsor and covering all the expenses of the event. A special thanks also to Gruppo Arena Decò which is helping with the contribution of lowering the costs.

The coordinated image of the event is made and offered by the palermitan agency Gomez&Mortisia.

A thanks also to chef Natale Giunta, who will welcome at Castello a Mare all the guests from all over Italy for the aftermatch.



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