16 August 2023 - 15:55

Palermo FC VS Melita: Media accreditation by 12 noon on Monday 21st August

Palermo FC VS Melita: Media accreditation by 12 noon on Monday 21st August

Palermo FC announces that, on the occasion of the Palermo FC VS Melita friendly match scheduled for Thursday 24th August at 20.30 at the “Renzo Barbera” Stadium, requests for press accreditation must be sent exclusively via email to press@palermofc.com within no later than 12.00 on Monday 21 August.

All accreditation requests must be written on headed paper, signed by the director in charge and, by law, must be complete with:
- name, surname, date and place of birth;
- OdG card number for journalists;
- ID number for technicians;
- authorization number LNPB 2023-2024 for photographers.

Each newspaper may only request 1 accreditation for a journalist already in possession of a Card of the Order of Journalists.

The access of 1 technician will be allowed only to radio and television broadcasters in possession of LNPB 2023-2024 authorization.

As provided by national regulations, Palermo FC reserves the right to select and consequently reject accreditation requests, even if received within the given deadline, if the number of requests exceeds the available capacity of the Press Tribune and/or if the requests are not in possession of the necessary requirements (e.g. newspapers that do not include among the main topics dealt with continuously those related to football and, in particular, to Palermo FC or the opposing team). Requests received after the date and time indicated will be automatically rejected.
At the end of the accreditation request selection operations, only in the event of a rejected request, the Palermo FC Press Office will send a communication via email within 48 hours from the start of the match. The selection of requests from Press Operators following the opposing team will be carried out in collaboration with the respective Press Office of the other Club.


Information Operators duly accredited to the match will be able to access the pre-filtering gates of the stadium through a list of names and, starting two hours before the start of the match, will be able to collect their press pass at the Press Entrance of the Covered Tribune at the stand manned by steward personnel.



Video footage will not be allowed inside the stadium on match day. In compliance with the exercise of the right to report, Palermo FC will make the highlights of the match available on its social channels to the duly accredited newspapers.



For the match in question, the post-match interviews will take place in the press room of the stadium (2nd floor, South Tower).
After the match, the Press Tribune will be available to Press Operators only up to three hours before the start of the match.

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