26 September 2020 - 13:45



Palermo presented today, at Renzo Barbera stadium, the new competition kit created by the technical sponsor Kappa for the 2020-2021 season.

The pink uniform, created by the agency Gomez&Mortisia and inspired by a sketch from Giovanni Tarantino (coordinator of Palermo Museum), is an homage to the style from the 80’s. Intense pink, with a polo style black neck, black shorts and white socks with hints of black and pink, the chromatic combination reminds you of the 1981 to 1984 championship models. An homage to the icons of Palermo like De Rosa, De Stefanis, Majo, and Montesano, but revisited in a modern way. There is no shortage of references of continuity with the first t-shirt from the previous championship: the transparent stylized eagle on the left side, which recalls the new logo.


The second uniform, the 2021 away Kombat, in its essence, sees the predominance of black. Pink neck, always polo style, sleeves and hints. Transparently, a tone on tone “pattern” with the new logo, which sits in color on the left side of the chest. For the creation, Gomez&Mortisia collaborated with EZeta design.

The official presentation was preceded by a Kappa branded commercial, and designed by director Riccardo Lupo, in which past and present coexist, overturning in positive the famous quote from “Il Gattopardo”, from Tomasi di Lampedusa: “Se vogliamo che tutto rimanga com’è, bisogna che tutto cambi”, which turns into “Nothing changes, everything changes”. A call to preserve one’s own identity, but also to look to the future and change one’s own destiny.

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Let’s greet the new t-shirts, the sponsors for this season, after confirmation from the previous championship and new players. Thank you to the partnership with INFRONT Italy for the exclusive management of all the marketing rights of the rosanero team, national and international.

“From the very first months, the new Palermo has developed a close network of high standard relationships with commercial partners and marketing initiatives”, stated the CEO and general manager of Palermo F.C. Rinaldo Sagramola. “For this reason, it’s a pleasure to have a player of international calibre like Infront, in line with the ever-growing objectives from our development programme for the next years, and capable of perfectly assessing the collaboration with prominent partners like those who are with us”.  

Gruppo Arena is the most dynamic and well structured distribution company in Sicily, placing itself in the first place among the most preferred supermarkets of the Sicilian people. The Group, founded in Valguarnera Capopepe (EN) in 1976 by the Arena brothers, Gioacchino and Cristoforo, with a network of more than 190 selling points branded Decò and SuperConveniente, and more than 2500 collaborators, is the absolute leader in the Sicilian territory. A Group history of more than 40 years, which has led the company to become the benchmark for the Sicilian people.

Bisaten is a brand of Colorificio Giuseppe Di Maria S.p.A. which produces, since 1925, paint and varnish for professional housebuilding, and products to finish, clean, and personalize rooms. There are more than 2000 retailers in all of Italy which Colorificio Di Maria count as customers today. Colorificio Di Maria is a point of reference in all of Italy in the field of paint and varnish for housebuilding. The company, created in Palermo by Francesco Di Maria, becomes a public limited company in 1969. Is with the third generation of Di Maria that the brand GDM is spread throughout Italy. The current objective is to consolidate the Italian market, and strengthen the relationship with foreign clients through high quality and professional products.

Nuova Sicilauto is the FCA dealership for Palermo and Trapani for all Fiat, Lancia, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep brands, and the only one to present new structural standards requested by FCA. Created based on innovative principles, it’s a true commercial  and assistance benchmark which covers all the neuralgic points of western Sicily, from Trapani to Palermo, passing through Carini and Termini Imerese. Nuova Sicilauto in numbers: 4 showrooms, 4 assistance venues, and top numbers for all the south in terms of New and Used deals. For 30 years it has been a strength for the territory, a guarantee of quality for the client.

Gagliano has always been a point of reference in the jewelry industry in Palermo. Managed since birth in the historic selling point of 95, Camillo Finocchiaro Aprile street, the company has further expanded thanks to online sales and management, becoming one of the most important jewelry sites on the internet. Gagliano offers customers the possibility of choosing among the most notorious and prestigious brands, adapted to every enjoyable occasion. In the last couple of years, Gagliano has focused on online sales, becoming the leader in the field.

Ipershop was born in 1975, and it has been on the Palermitan household items and furniture market for two generations. Its two strengths are convenience and quality, because saving money without quality has no value. In 50 years, the company, in order to satisfy its customers’ demands, and paying attention to the dynamics of the national and district market, has sought to keep its strong identity, which ties it to its roots: “the shop of past times”, always next to its customer.

In 1963, Sicilgesso begins the extraction and industrial manufacturing of chalk in an area rich of raw material. It’s the beginning of a business adventure, whose success is confirmed today, after more than 50 years of activity, thanks to the professionalism and expertise in the field of housebuilding, and the premium quality of Italian chalk, extracted in its quarries. Continuous investments in research and development, intense globalization strategies, and attention to the demands of national markets, along with the expansion of the housebuilding market, have transformed a small artisanal business into an important company. Sicilgesso stands out today due to an inseparable combination of scientific research and ethical choices, answering the needs for a lifestyle based on environmental health and well being.  

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