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Palermo VS Benevento: ticket info

Palermo VS Benevento: ticket info

Tickets for the Palermo VS Benevento match, valid for the 34th match day of the Serie BKT Championship, scheduled for Saturday 22nd April at 16:15 at the Renzo Barbera stadium will be available for purchase from 10:00 on Friday 14th April.

The coupons will be available for sale until 4.10 pm on Saturday 22nd April or in any case subject to availability, only through the following channels:
- the Vivaticket website
- Vivaticket physical points scattered in the province of Palermo and throughout the country
- the Vivaticket point at the SiamoAquile Bar&Store at the Renzo Barbera stadium (until Saturday 22nd April at 12.00).

Here are the details of the ticket prices:


All 2022/2023 season ticket holders will be able to purchase an additional 50% discounted ticket for any sector of the stadium.
To take advantage of the discount on the purchase of a single title, simply select the "REDUCED PROMO 50" rate from those available for purchase. The "COUPON CODE" will then be requested to continue with the purchase of the title. Each COUPON CODE will give the possibility to purchase only one ticket at a discounted price.

For all season ticket holders, the COUPON CODE will be the TAX SEAL (16-digit alphanumeric code) present in the subscription. Each season ticket holder can have a person purchase a discounted ticket by communicating the COUPON CODE/FISCAL SEAL.

Here are the details of the prices with the promo applied:


GUEST SECTOR: pending indications from the competent authorities.

INDICATIONS FOR DISABLED PEOPLE: disabled people can apply only on 15th-16th-17th April 2023. Requests arriving after 17th April 2023 will not be taken into consideration. CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER INFO.

It is recommended to arrive at the stadium well in advance to facilitate entry procedures.

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