22 January 2022 - 11:40



The technology will "go into the field" next to the coach and trainers to monitor the movement of players and optimize their athletic performance. This is the objective of TalentPLAYERS, a young palermitan startup which will accompany the young eagles from the Rosanero youth team with their high-tech tracing devices located in their shin pads, during the matches and training sessions, starting today and until the end of the tournament. A collaboration born thanks to the work of Palermo Innovation Lab, the monitoring center for startups in the territory sponsored by Palermo, which has the objective of finding and promoting the best innovative proposals, especially in the local context, and apply them to the Palermo case history to create development and shared value.

TalentPLAYERS PRO, which proposes to innovatively surpass GPS technology used in all professional football fields, is the first tracking system around the world based on the direct measures of important physical variables. In contrast to conventional systems based on GPS, LPS, or video analysis, TalentPLAYERS devices acquire movement data directly from the most involved point in physical performance: the legs. The devices are stand-alone and do not need external radio signals (like GPS), and because of this they are very practical also indoor.

The wearable device is positioned in the lower part of the leg, and constantly monitors every movement, with a frequency of 600 samples per second. The developed algorithms, using kinetic, dynamic, and energetic models, allow to obtain, starting from the direct measures of the movement of the leg, microscopic variables referred to the center of mass of the athlete, like distance, speed, acceleration, change of direction, metabolic strength, and even variables related to a single athletic movement like jumps, shots, impacts, charges on the shinbone, and many others.

Thanks to the elaboration of parameters in real time, it is possible to obtain a detailed report. For each player it is possible to obtain personalized reports analyzed by the entire staff, in order to monitor the performance of each player in a simple way, and improve the training sessions. The profile of each player, apart from the gathered data from the devices, contains also videos of the matches and training sessions. This way it is possible, for professionals, to perform a more objective assessment based on the complete analysis of their capabilities.

The partnership with TalentPLAYERS will be active also for the next season and is also accompanied by the logo of the startup on the match t-shirts of Stefano di Benedetto’s youngsters.

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