4 July 2023 - 15:40

The 2023-2024 season ticket campaign is underway

The 2023-2024 season ticket campaign is underway

Palermo FC's new season ticket campaign, valid for the 2023/2024 Serie B championship, will kick off from Wednesday 5th July at 13.00.

Once again this year the old season ticket holders (2022/2023) will be the protagonists and will be able to take advantage of a long pre-emption period to renew or change their seats at discounted rates compared to the cost of all the individual matches. For them, more than 40% discount in some sectors and at least 50% discount in all sectors for all Under 16s.

Benefits also for new season ticket holders, who with the season card will save in some cases up to more than 30% of the sum of the matches purchased individually.

The agreement with the University of Palermo has been renewed, while this year's novelty is the "family promo", dedicated to families and the under 14s, to whom a specific sector of the stadium in the upper steps will be reserved.

The entire subscription campaign this year supports a solidarity project in favor of the city community against early school leaving. By subscribing, Palermo fans will in fact "adopt" Palermitan students in difficult social and family conditions, allowing them to continue their studies after middle school, thanks to special merit scholarships which will allow them to purchase textbooks and teaching materials and support the costs of schooling.

The campaign is accompanied by the claim "Only together we are Palermo", with a visual that wants to celebrate the perfect union between the team and its fans: in the foreground, from behind, a "Brunori" who is at the same time a fan in the stands with the shirt of the captain and the player on the pitch with his team-mates, in a Barbera full of rosanero colours: only by fighting together in the stadium can the goals be achieved.

All the details on prices, times and methods of purchase in the new 2023-2024 Season Ticket Campaign section.

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