24 November 2022 - 17:05

The BKT Series takes the field against violence on women

The BKT Series takes the field against violence on women

On the 14th match day, the official Kappa ball will turn red to raise awareness against this social scourge. All together to say "# ENOUGH!".

In conjunction with 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Lega Serie B takes sides to counter what is increasingly becoming an unacceptable social scourge.


Also this year, thanks to the collaboration with the technical sponsor Kappa, the Lega Serie B, on the occasion of the 14th match day of the championship, intends to raise public awareness against an increasingly worrying phenomenon. It will do so through the key tool of the game of football, the ball, which will abandon the traditional blue color to give way to the red, which characterizes and represents the fight against violence on women.


To give even more strength to the message, this year IFAD, the UN agency that deals with the fight against social injustice and poverty in the world, and the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of 'Interior, every day engaged in the fight against all violence, will take the field alongside the Serie B League. In particular, in the pre-match of Frosinone VS Cagliari, the president of Lega Serie B Mauro Balata will hand over the red ball to IFAD world number one Alvaro Lario to underline the attention towards those who suffer harassment every day. The Director of the Criminal Analysis Service, Senior Manager of the State Police Stefano Delfini will also be present at the Stirpe Stadium.


'Violence against women is an intolerable crime, which is fought and defeated through a cultural change that places respect, the recovery of values ​​and growing together at the center, all things that characterize team success in sport - says Balata. Lega Serie B, the Italian Championship, wants to be the spokesperson for these values ​​in families, schools and the whole community, symbolically bearing no to violence with the red ball.


Together with the red ball, Lega Serie B has planned a broad awareness campaign which includes videos and activities on social networks, speaker messages in stadiums, LEDs on the sidelines, television productions and adv in Lega B's partner newspapers. The goal is to sensitize public opinion, conveying a strong and incisive message that can not only shake consciences, but also bring to light the numerous cases of unreported violence which unfortunately go unnoticed.

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