19 December 2021 - 12:30



Black and gold, with pink details. But, more importantly, a semi-transparent graphic pattern with all the logos of Palermo's history in the background: this is the new special Kombat kit from Kappa. A fourth t-shirt for the rosanero team which is added to the other three presented at the beginning of the 2021/2022 season.

The new outfit, created by the communication staff of Palermo, and designed by the palermitan agency Gomez&Mortisia, is a limited edition product of 1000 numbered units, all of them including a progressive numbered tag, in order to make every sample unique, including those worn by the rosanero players. The t-shirt will actually make its debut in the home match against Bari at Renzo Barbera stadium, and it will be the only time in which Palermo players will wear it in an official match.

The special kit was created to celebrate the recent purchase from Palermo F.C. of every logo which has ever been a part of the rosanero team in its 121 years of history: a historic moment to regain the club's identity, fragmented by a series of ownerships throughout the years. This is another step forward in the journey of appreciation of the history of the rosanero faith, which had already started in the 2019/2020 season with Palermo Museum and the celebratory bicolored kit for the 120th anniversary, presented also against Bari on December 2020, which later  became the first official t-shirt of this year (which evokes the first rosanero t-shirt ever worn by Palermo), or the reproduction in a casual style for the daily streetwear of some of the iconic t-shirts in rosanero's history.

The new Kombat t-shirt is full of details, like the two thin horizontal stripes, one pink and the other golden, on the sleeve, the neck, and at the back end of the t-shirt. The fabric is extra light and the Kombat System technology offers even more elasticity and comfort. The Hidroway Technology Protection ensures breathability and an efficient release of body heat. Every detail and personalized element has been studied in order to nullify skin friction, and to guarantee total comfort.

The new Palermo outfit will be available for purchase starting today, at the end of the match, through different channels: starting from the SiamoAquile Bar&Store of the Renzo Barbera Stadium, where it will be possible to buy it in presence or delivery, by contacting the number +39.091.5077296. It will also be possible to buy it in Kappa stores and Kappa.com. In January, at a later date, a new stock will also be available on Palermo's digital store. 

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