28 January 2022 - 17:45

Toure comes back as rosanero

Toure comes back as rosanero

Aziz Toure is back in Palermo: the midfielder, class of 2002, who left Palermo’s youth team last year to join Napoli’s under 19 team for the Primavera 1 championship. After the experience at a high training level, with many training sessions even with the first team of Mister Spalletti at the top of Serie A, Toure comes back home to give a helping hand to the “young eagles”, coached by Stefano Di Benedetto, currently first place in the first half of the season, with the prospect of continuing the growing process and eventually be available also for the first rosanero team.

Welcome back to rosanero to Aziz on behalf of President Dario Mirri and all the Palermo F.C. family. 

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