16 June 2023 - 14:55

Vasco Rossi concert – The proceeds destined for interventions and improvements on the Barbera stadium

Vasco Rossi concert – The proceeds destined for interventions and improvements on the Barbera stadium

Palermo FC and the Municipality of Palermo have agreed to allocate all the proceeds deriving from the concession of the sports facility for the organization of the two Vasco Rossi concerts, on 22nd and 23rd June in Palermo, to interventions and improvements on the Renzo Barbera stadium. The common goal, without prejudice to all guarantees for the protection of the stadium, is in fact to channel all possible resources for the benefit of the structure and its users, Palermo fans and the entire community.

“Last year, the possibility of hosting a great artist like Vasco Rossi was an opportunity for the administration to seize immediately. First of all, for the positive economic impact that the two concert dates will have on the productive fabric of the city which is around 20 million euros. And then, for the possibility of bringing major events back to Palermo and to the Renzo Barbera stadium, a case that hasn't happened for about 25 years", say the mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla and the councilor for heritage Andrea Mineo who add: " In this sense, our offices have found the collaboration of Palermo FC to host the concerts, in compliance with the current stadium concession agreement. A collaboration, the one between the administration and the rosanero club, which has gone ahead in recent months and which has led to the further commitment of Palermo FC to invest the fee for the organization of the event in new maintenance interventions and improvements to the viale del Fante which represents one of the most important heritages of the city, to which the Palermitans are fond”.

"Ever since the rebirth of the new Palermo FC - said managing director Giovanni Gardini - the direction taken by Palermo FC has always been to make the stadium an open space, at the service of the city, well beyond the usual use on the occasion of sport events. The club's commitment, in full synergy with the public administration, goes and will continue to go in this direction, to guarantee increasingly adequate opportunities and services for everyone".

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