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World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day

Raising awareness and consciousness. Lega Serie B takes the field alongside all people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and does so on the occasion of the "World Autism Awareness Day" (WAAD, World Autism Awareness Day) which is celebrated on April 2nd.

During the 31st day of the BKT Series, during the pre-match ceremonies, the players will be accompanied on entering the pitch by children with autism to spread a message of social inclusion and involvement on the subject, as also declared by Lega B president Mauro Balata: “We wanted to be an integral part of an initiative that draws attention to all those children and young people who present complex symptoms to be treated both clinically and within the family context, but also in the social sphere. With this in mind, we strongly support the role of football as an extraordinary vehicle for inclusion, a world in which it is possible to feel welcomed within a group, growing emotionally and broadening one's relational horizons".

The initiative starts from an idea of Parma Calcio that Lega Serie B has made its own, extending it to the other clubs in the championship.

Established in 2007 by the UN General Assembly, World Autism Awareness Day aims at drawing attention to the rights of those affected by this neurodevelopmental condition, manifesting itself from an early age through impaired interaction social and consequent communication deficits, also causing narrowness of interests and repetitive behaviors.

Lega Serie B's commitment to intellectual disabilities is not limited only to the 31st round, but embraces the entire sports season through Union Picena, the team associated with Lega B, which participates in the FIGC's Paralympic and experimental football championship.

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