IM*MEDIA is a digital agency that designs, creates, and develops digital communication systems. Born in Palermo in 1995, today it is a well-established entity also present in Milan and Florence, boasting a team of over 50 professionals and having completed hundreds of systems for clients across the national territory.


IM*MEDIA assists in defining the identity of a brand by creating recognizable communication: from strategy to naming, from visual identity to positioning, the agency guides the client through every phase of the process.

Web, E-commerce, and Apps

IM*MEDIA designs, creates, and develops updated and secure digital systems tailored to the client’s needs, ensuring efficiency and continuous engagement.

Web Marketing

IM*MEDIA promotes companies’ online presence through strategies based on specific objectives: from digital advertising to SEO optimization, passing through the definition of the content strategy.

Social Media Marketing

IM*MEDIA helps companies enhance their presence on social media by proposing the most suitable approach to convey their identity, regardless of format, channel, or concept.

The Approach

The agency’s ability to build lasting relationships with clients is part of its DNA, as it supports brands in choosing solutions that are most suitable for growth in a partnership-oriented logic.