RosaNero Podcast

The rosanero Podcast is a love story. Love for our colors, for more than 120 years. A journey through words, to discover (and rediscover) some of our history’s most iconic moments, but with a unique and original perspective: that of Sandro Dieli. Actor, director, and above all, a big Palermo fan who, by fishing through his memories and suggestions delivered to the history of the Palermitan fan, recreates anecdotes, unforgettable moments, fun facts, and myths, all connected in the most diverse and peculiar way to the history of Palermo.

A way to reopen some drawers of our memory, or to discover from scratch old treasures that our beloved team has collected on and off the field, from November 1st, 1900 to the present day. Not only trophies and memorable matches, but also, and above all, small pieces of our identity that we want to preserve forever.

The rosanero Podcast is created in collaboration with La Fabbrica dei Podcast and Palermo Innovation Lab.