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The new Palermo football team is the fruit of “an ethical revolution, dedicated to transparency and participation”, as stated in our manifesto. For this reason, as also provided for by the public notice issued by the City of Palermo, the charter of Palermo F.C. S.p.A. has allocated a part of the share capital to a representative group of rosanero fans. Following a specific selection, this share was subscribed by the Amici Rosanero Association, which today holds 1% of the share capital.

Amici Rosanero is the groups that has collected the subscriptions and has been selected a single subject representing the popular initiative towards the Club.

All the contributions collected by such widespread supporter share are used to build a new sports center: a fundamental element for the future of the team and, generally speaking, for sports in Palermo. A “talent factory” where it will be possible to forge the champions of tomorrow right on our territory. It is the first investment, in terms of importance and urgency, that the new Palermo football team intends to implement.

Each contributing supporter swill be considered a true “founding member”.

How has the subject who will be entrusted 10% of the social capital been selected?
Each group of at least 100 supporters could apply by sending a certified e-mail to and attaching a deed of incorporation and the statute of the Representative body, as well as a list of all the members.

As it’s necessary selecting between more than one candidate, the Company has assigned the corresponding share of the capital to the Body that offered the highest amount first.

The deadline for the submission of applications was set at October 31, 2019 and offers from natural persons has not been accepted.

The Representative body is composed of subjects who have precise and specific requirements of morality and professionalism and must act through a common representative.

#siamoaquile, let’s fly together again!

Here is the list of candidates we have received via certified e-mail:

Candidate body
Certified e-mail address
Associazione AmiciRosaNero
Palermo FBC 1900 - Supporters Trust